House Rules

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3 responses to “House Rules

  1. Michelle Strecker

    You guys totally rock the house!!! I love this site!

  2. Gene Sechrest

    I am fairly good at finding information on the web and sorting thru what is accurate but have run into a problem.

    I asked the following question.

    We are great-grandparents of a great-grandson so are we maternal or paternal great-grandparents?

    He is our sons’ daughters child.

    Your website is the only one I could find that even came close to the information I was looking for but I am not sure about how to read it.

    • Robert Resta

      Using your great grandson as the reference point, you are related through his mother (your granddaughter) and therefore you are one of his two sets of maternal great grandparents. Your great grandson also has two sets of great grandparents through his paternal lineage.

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