Open call for Guest Bloggers

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback over the past week. The response to DNA Exchange has been great so far, and it is encouraging to know that the GC community is excited about participating in this venue. Please continue to provide your comments, both positive and constructive; we appreciate hearing your voice.


A chance to discuss your thoughts publicly

We have had several people inquiring about participating in this initiative. In the interest of diversity and openness, we’ve developed a “guest blogger” policy. For obvious reasons, this open call is limited to those intending to discuss genetics or genetic counseling related issues.

How it works:

  1. If you’re interested in contributing a post, leave a comment here or send me a note at alliejanson[at] with the topic you’re hoping to discuss
  2. Once you’ve written your post, the core group here will review it (to ensure there is no breach in patient confidentiality, to maintain the integrity of the site etc)
  3. Your content will be published with a short bio under a “Guest Blogger” title

We hope this process will encourage those who:

  • are interested in blogging, but aren’t ready to make a permanent commitment to it
  • are intimidated by some of the technical aspects of contributing to a blog. There is no technical knowledge required

We would also love to include posts from some non-GCs, including physicians, researchers, health advocates, legal experts, patients. Or anyone with an opinion about genetics, really.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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2 responses to “Open call for Guest Bloggers

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  2. Hi alliejanson (Admin),

    I would like to ask if you are open for my topic: “We are all the Same but Different: How to Protect Your Own Identity.” Even we have 99.9% same DNA my topic will discuss how each of us are different.
    I hope you can give me a chance to be a guest author for your website, as I’m into more informative content writer. My goal is to share an informative content at the same time to widen my reach of audience for myself as a writer.

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