Author Bios

Jessica Giordano

Jess engages in genetic counseling in prenatal, pediatric, and oncology settings within a culturally diverse urban setting in NYC. She strives to empower individuals to make decisions in manner that is informed by science and self-understanding. Jessica believes that the future of the genetic counseling profession relies on the genetic counselor’s ability to respond to and integrate advances in research, thoughts of the media, and beliefs of the public GCs serve. She completed her undergraduate studies of Biology at Boston College and graduate studies in human genetics and genetic counseling at Sarah Lawrence College where she also earned a certificate in Public Health Genomics.

Allie Janson Hazell (Administrator)

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAtaAAAAJDRiMjUxYTE1LTg4NmYtNGViNC05ODgxLTlmMjUzODg2NWNlZAAllie has a special interest in individualized medicine and the potential for the web to transform the health provider-patient experience, specifically within the genetics community. She is Clinical Director of Genetics at Medcan, a preventive health clinic in Toronto, Canada, and is past-President of the Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors. She obtained her Master’s degree in 2008, with a certificate in Public Health Genetics/Genomics.  She is an active member of the Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors (CAGC), and is a current member of the CAGC Board of Directors. Allie also writes for the blog herNaturehisNurture, and can be found on Twitter here.

Laura Hercher

Laura is instructor in ELSI issues in genetics counseling at the Joan H. Marks Human Genetics Program at Sarah Lawrence College and an adjunct professor at C.W. Post University in Long Island. She has an MS degree in genetic counseling from Sarah Lawrence College and an MA degree in English Literature from Columbia University. Past chair of the NSGC Ethics Advisory Group, Laura has published numerous articles and commentaries, as well as the occasional foray into science journalism. You can follow Laura on Twitter here: @laurahercher.

Robert Resta

Robert Resta has been a genetic counselor since 1983. He has special interest in prenatal diagnosis and cancer genetics, as well has historical, social, ethical, and psychological aspects of genetic counseling. He is a former Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Genetic Counseling, and has edited and authored numerous publications. He is currently a practicing genetic counselor Seattle, Washington (USA).

Kelly Rogel

Kelly is a genetic counselor contractor provider with Informed Medical Decisions, Inc.  She has special interest in nontraditional genetic counseling roles including utilizing the Internet to provide genetic counseling services.  She is working to improve relationships between the disability, genetics, and medical communities.  Kelly also enjoys exploring bioethical issues. She obtained her B.S. in Genetics from the University of Kansas and graduated with her Masters in Human Genetics in 2008.  She writes for this blog.

Katie Stoll

IMG_20161112_151833 (1) Katie is a genetic counselor in Olympia, Washington. She works for Genetic Support Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to increase access to genetic counseling services and educational resources regarding genetics.   Many aspects of genetics are of interest to Katie, including the intersection of genetics with primary care, issues regarding informed consent, and the impact of DTC marketing of genetic tests.


Michelle Strecker

Michelle joined a California-based clinical diagnostics laboratory as the Director of Genetic Counseling Services in 2010 following a decade of clinical genetic counseling in prenatal, pediatric, and neurometabolic genetics. Michelle is fascinated by the interface between new technology and clinical care and the relationship between the medical community, the press, and the public. Her special interests include the development of professional and lay public educational tools, and advocacy in clinical genetics for the medically indigent.  Michelle obtained her BS in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington and her Masters in Genetic Counseling from the University of Texas-Houston.

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  2. Bobbie Miller

    My name is Bobbie Miller, and I am a teacher in the Bellevue School District in Bellevue, WA. I would like to get in contact with Robert with regards to possible involvement in assessing some student work around the idea of an online dating site involving a “DNA match.” Our students are working through their Bio/Chem class with project based learning, and as our summative assessment, we’d like them to come up with an ethics-based opinion paper stating why or why not someone should join such a dating site. I would love to talk to anyone regarding the possibility of providing feedback, but specifically Robert since he is local.

    Thank you so much in advance!

  3. GCs rule! Hi Katie! Best wishes to you all. Great idea, excellent content. Keep up the good work.
    Scott McLean, MD
    Clinical Genetics
    The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

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