‘We Need to Talk About our Eggs’ – Yes or No?

There is an intersting opinion piece in the NYT this week titled We Need to Talk About our Eggs. The author argues that it is the responsibility of the medical community to bring up the discussion about fertility with women, before it is too late for them. Is she right?

Cast your vote and/or share your thoughts, below.


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2 responses to “‘We Need to Talk About our Eggs’ – Yes or No?

  1. Donna Blumenthal

    Hi Laura! i saw the article in the Times yesterday. I think women should have this information, but i don’t think it should be their OB/GYN’s responsibility. over the past 3 decades, i have seen their responsibilities grow so vastly in areas that are only tangentially OB (up from tay sachs and sickle cell testing to dozens of ethnic diseases, and making referrals based on FHx, recurrent miscarriage, ToRCH, CF, FX, SMA, etc.) as well as those specifically OB related (millions) and i would rather they get a grip on the important ones rather than the loose handle they have now before adding more.

  2. I definitely think women should have this information. Some women are not aware of what goes on with their body as they age. I think its very important that women educate themselves on the issues pertaining to their body and their health.

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