She sits on the precipice of my office,

eyes shut tight

against the gravity of fate

that pulls incessantly at her

to focus on the abyss of uncertainty

at her feet

Resenting the dreadful choices of choosing

to surrender her breasts (her beautiful breasts!)

or perhaps

 baby dreams going awry  

 or perhaps

to learn of an embedded suicide cell that one fine day will lead her brain to commit a slow and unspeakable act of self-destruction

How can I help her see that there is more fear

on the ledge

than in the leap?


Filed under Robert Resta

2 responses to “Choosing

  1. “there is more fear on the ledge than in the leap” . That is beautiful, Bob.
    –Lisa SK

  2. I enjoyed this gem of wordsmithing, Bob. True wisdom from a veteran genetic counselor. I re-posted on my facebook wall because THIS is what I want people to know and to think of when asking “Genetic counseling? What is that?”

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