Happy New Year from DNA Exchange!

When we started this blog a little over 7 months ago, we had no idea what sort of response we would get.  The morning that DNA Exchange went live and we sent the initial note out to the listserv, I was really nervous about how it would be received. My fears were clearly unfounded; I’ve been excited and encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response from our community, with an average of over 4000 visits to the site each month.  Thank you to all of you who come back every week to read about and weigh in on the issues that we choose to highlight here.

In 2010 the goal of DNA Exchange remains the same: the promotion of public discussion about genetics and genetic counseling related issues. We hope that this discussion will continue to grow within the GC community and that we’ll see a host of new guest bloggers in the new year. We also aim to have some other stakeholders provide guest posts in the upcoming months, in order to further broaden the conversation.

We are planning a few small changes for the new year:

  • We have a new domain name: www.theDNAexchange.com. However, our old domain (www.dnaexchange.wordpress.com) will still redirect you here.
  • We are planning a new monthly feature called “GC Alerts” in which we will highlight what is being said about genetic counselors and genetic counseling on the web.
  • Finally, we are sending out an open call for a new header photo for the site. If you have an image that you think would work well for our blog header, please pass it along.

Happy and healthy new year to all. Thanks again for supporting what we do here. If you have any suggestions about how we can make things better, we are all ears.

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